Boost Volume & Gain Confidence With Our Top-Quality Hairline Tattoo!

While microblading can enhance and reshape your eyebrows, a scalp tattoo can produce a similar effect and create an illusion of thicker hair!

Available in a wide range of colours, tattooed hair looks natural and effectively helps with all forms of hair loss caused by alopecia, cancer, thinning hair or pattern baldness.

hairline tattoo perth
hair tattoo perth


Scalp Tattoo for Fuller Hair

Using the most advanced permanent makeup techniques, Debra Miller can help you achieve fuller hair without surgery or other invasive treatments. A hairline tattoo is the ultimate solution for increasing volume and creating the illusion of a healthy scalp when you are battling symptoms of hair loss. Did you know tattooed hair can look natural? Inspired by microblading, a hairline tattoo utilises the same micropigmentation technology and feather-like strokes to improve the appearance of your hair. If your hair is receding or you have bald patches you want to cover, a tattoo hairline will instantly enhance the volume and thickness.

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Look Gorgeous Again With Tattooed Hair!

Whether you have male pattern baldness, naturally thin hair or you are battling with alopecia, try our hair tattoo! Perth beauticians have been using microblading tools to redefine eyebrows, and now they are utilising the same method to create a tattoo hairline. Specialising in all types of permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos, Debra Miller works with the latest equipment and the best pigments to help you improve your looks and boost confidence.

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hairline tattoo perth
scalp tattoo perth


Hairline Tattoo to Restore Your Confidence

Debra Miller specialises in scalp tattooing that truly imitates your natural hair. With a huge range of shades to choose from, you are bound to find a colour that matches your real tresses and creates an illusion of fuller hair. It has never been easier to improve your look with a hairline tattoo that dramatically increases volume, improves texture and camouflages bold spots.

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