Will My Eyebrows Look Natural After Microblading

Will My Eyebrows Look Natural After Microblading?

Your eyebrows frame your features and give you a polished look when they’re done well. We have all heard worrying stories from friends or perhaps we have some of our own about eyebrow fails. However, nowadays there is absolutely no need at all to suffer from those dreadful huge black thick brows.

Modern techniques such as 3D eyebrows, eyebrow feathering, ombre and powder eyebrows and microblading ensure that no matter the style, thickness and colour of brows you want, you can achieve your desired look. In this blog, we take a look at microblading – one of the most popular eyebrow tattooing techniques in the Perth area.

Why Are Our Eyebrows So Important?

Your eyebrows are so crucial to your overall look because they define your face. When you think about it, your brows work in harmony with your eyes to enable you to express so many emotions such as sadness, happiness and even flirtation. If you didn’t have your eyebrows, your face would seem flat and expressionless.

For many years, both women and men have been shaping their eyebrows to make the most of their looks. However, all that threading, waxing, tweezing and shaving can take its toll on your patience and time. Thankfully, microblading is the eyebrow treatment of the moment and has amazing results!

Eyebrow Tattooing

Achieving the perfect eyebrows for you is as easy as just scheduling an appointment with your micropigmentation specialist. She will work with you to redefine your eyebrows, transforming your entire face! When you opt for microblading, you have all the freedom of enjoying amazing brows without ever needing to use an eyebrow pencil ever again!

About Microblading

Although you might think that microblading is a brand-new technique, it actually dates back thousands of years. Rather than tattooing a block of colour, fine strokes are done entirely by hand. There is so much fine detailing involved in microblading that people who are looking for complete brow perfection tend to prefer this method. The technique is also perfect for you if you’ve lost some or all of your eyebrow hair.

One amazing aspect of microblading is that with great aftercare and regular top-ups, your beautiful brows can last a lifetime.

Will Microblading Give You Natural Results?

You can expect perfect, natural-looking results with microblading. A few days after your treatment, your eyebrows will have the appearance of pencilled-in ones. By around day four or five, the area will start to peel. Then, after a week, your eyebrows will be looking great. It is around this time that you may need to go for a short maintenance appointment just to touch up any areas that need it.

Once you have healed completely, your brows will look perfectly natural and beautifully shaped. The tattooed strokes mimic natural eyebrow hairs, so no one need ever know you’ve had anything done!

So, if you’re tired of spending money and time on endless eyebrow cosmetics, make an appointment for microblading. Perth micropigmentation specialist Debra Miller will create you a beautiful natural brow that will lift your face and eye area. Contact her today to request a quote.

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