Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Makeup To Your Brows

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Makeup To Your Brows

Achieving the perfect eyebrows is all about the details. For natural-looking, refined results that bring out your beauty it’s crucial to learn how to make the most of what you have. Bold and beautiful brows are works of art in themselves. They define your look. They frame your face. Your eyebrows are crucial to your overall looks. However, there are so many negative habits you can fall into when you’re trying to get your eyebrow game on point. Let’s take a look at what not to do when it comes to perfecting your brows.

Don’t Use a Shade That’s Too Dark

Have you ever seen women with eyebrows that are just too dark and bold for their face? This is one pitfall that you don’t want to fall into. For this reason, you need to choose the right colour of powder or pencil to suit you. Opt for a shade that is as close as possible to your own eyebrows. If you’re having trouble finding the right colour, why not mix a few tones together until you achieve the results you want?

Don’t Apply Moisturiser to Your Brows Before Makeup

Greasy, slippery, moisturised brows are a no go when it comes to applying makeup. So, ensure your brows are clean and dry before you get to work! Brows slipping down your face are not a good look!

Don’t Skip the Eyebrow Gel

Eyebrow gel allows you to set your look so it lasts all day. You can even buy tinted gels if that’s your thing.

Don’t Draw on Your Brow in One Go

You want your brows to look natural and defined. So, you need to follow the shape of your natural brow hairs drawing light, short lines. It’s important to begin working on the fullest section of your brows then shade lightly towards the ends. Given time and practice, you’ll soon create the brow you’ve been hoping for.

Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup

Bear in mind the old saying that less is more. This is so true when it comes to makeup so it’s important that you use your products sparingly. Your eyebrows will look their best when you apply your makeup with a gentle hand and an artistic eye. You want to look natural at all times.

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Don’t Panic If You Just Can’t Create the Perfect Brows

If you just cannot achieve the ‘perfect’ brow or if perhaps you are tired of spending so much time and money on your looks, eyebrow tattooing could be right for you. The treatment is quick and straightforward with immediate results.

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