12 Areola Restoration – Is it Right For Me

Areola Restoration – Is it Right For Me?

The areola area of the breast can often become discoloured or can fade after a surgical procedure or over time. Operations such as breast reduction or a mastectomy can significantly change this area of the body. Rather than simply putting up with these changes, it’s now possible to have an areola tattoo to give you back your confidence.

Debra Miller offers areola restoration using a range of specially formulated pigment colours to match with your skin tone. Debra understands that you will have so many questions and even some concerns with regards to the procedure so she actively welcomes her clients to ask as many questions as they would like to at their consultation.

Whether you have fading areolas or irregular areolas Debra Miller can help. She has been a leader in her field in WA for more than 25 years and specialises in paramedical treatments to restore your breasts back to their natural beauty.

Areola restoration corrects the shape, size and colour of the areola and nipple areas. Available to both women and men, Debra expertly recreates both natural coloured and symmetrical nipples without every having to go through invasive surgery.

Paramedical tattooing employs similar technology and techniques to those used in permanent makeup. The results can be completely life-changing in terms of giving you back your self-confidence and general sense of who you are. Additionally, the whole process is exciting, enjoyable and pain-free as you see the amazing results for yourself.

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If you would like more information on areola tattooing, simply contact Debra Miller. Debra works from various locations throughout the WA area and is easy to talk to and understanding. You can either request a quote online or give her a call on 0412 371 395.

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