Is Eyebrow Tattooing a Hassle-Free Way off Perfecting Your Brows?

A Guide to Cosmetic Tattooing and Permanent Makeup 1

The eyes are the windows of the soul and what better way to frame them than with picture perfect eyebrows? Eyebrow tattooing is fast becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the Perth area. When done correctly by a fully trained specialist, the procedure gives the illusion of wonderfully-shaped eyebrows. And, let’s face […]

Eyebrow Feathering – Everything You Need to Know

11 Cosmetic Tattooing – Everything You Need To Know

Beauty trends come and go but feather tattooed eyebrows are one procedure that’s here to stay. Eyebrow feathering is so popular because it looks natural while also being picture perfect. Your eyebrows are an extremely important part of your face. When they’re beautifully shaped your face just looks so much better and well-rested. Beautifully groomed […]

Will My Eyebrows Look Natural After Microblading?

Will My Eyebrows Look Natural After Microblading

Your eyebrows frame your features and give you a polished look when they’re done well. We have all heard worrying stories from friends or perhaps we have some of our own about eyebrow fails. However, nowadays there is absolutely no need at all to suffer from those dreadful huge black thick brows. Modern techniques such […]

All You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your New Tattoo

All You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your New Tattoo

You’ve been planning your new tattoo for months. Whether you’re having a cosmetic tattooing procedure or some brand-new body art, it’s crucial to follow the aftercare instructions you’re given. You want to ensure your tattoo heals properly and maintains its look and colour. Take a look at these general tips to make sure your tattoo […]

How To Achieve the Perfect Eyebrows

How To Achieve the Perfect Eyebrows

There is nothing worse than having ‘bad’ eyebrows. It’s very easy for us to look at our brows and see that they need to be changed or that they need a little something extra to make them look ‘right’. If you’re doing your eyebrows yourself, it’s always a good idea to have an initial session […]

Grey Hair and Considering Feather Touch Brows?

Grey Hair and Considering Feather Touch Brows

You’re probably used to wearing the same or similar colours and shades of makeup every day. Just when you’ve nailed what goes with your skin tone and hair colour, your hair decides to turn grey on you – typical! Having grey hair takes a bit of getting used to but rather than being something that’s […]

Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Tattooing

9 Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Tattooing

The world of beauty can be difficult to navigate at times. With so many new products and treatments coming out month after month, it’s no wonder that choosing the right look for your eyebrows can be confusing. Perhaps you’re tired of doing your eyebrows every day and would like to find out more about tattooed […]

Is Eyebrow Tattooing Worth it?

8 Is Eyebrow Tattooing Worth it

Achieving the right eyebrow shape and look to really make your face look its very best is a real art. You might not immediately think it but our eyebrows are one of our most noticeable facial features as they’re so expressive. Additionally, our brows have a hand in shaping our face while accentuating our eyes. […]

What’s All The Fuss About Microblading?

7 Whats All The Fuss About Microblading

If you like to keep up with the latest beauty news and techniques, you’ve no doubt heard of microblading. This semi-permanent tattooing technique has created a huge buzz all over the world. Unless you’ve been living in a cave over the past few years, you’ve no doubt heard (or even experienced) so many horror stories […]

How Permanent Makeup Can Accentuate Your Natural Looks

2 How Permanent Makeup Can Accentuate Your Natural Looks

Permanent makeup- the very phrase that can strike dread into so many people who have never tried it. What is it looks unnatural? What if my eyebrows look as though they’ve been scribbled onto my face by a toddler with a Sharpie? Thankfully, permanent makeup has come a long way since the early days. In […]

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