Grey Hair and Considering Feather Touch Brows

Grey Hair and Considering Feather Touch Brows?

You’re probably used to wearing the same or similar colours and shades of makeup every day. Just when you’ve nailed what goes with your skin tone and hair colour, your hair decides to turn grey on you – typical! Having grey hair takes a bit of getting used to but rather than being something that’s negative, you can use your greying hair as a time for getting excited about creating yourself a whole new look that will allow you to grow older while looking great!

What Are Feather Touch Brows?

Feather touch brows are also known as feather tattoo eyebrows and microfeathering. Using a precise blade, sparse brows are filled in to create the look of individual hairs. A dye is then applied over the top to create the most natural-looking, gap-free brows.

Why Your Brows Are So Important When You Have Grey Hair

Your brows frame your face. When they’re looking great, your entire face opens up and looks great too However, we all know the pain of bad eyebrows. Maybe you’ve overplucked them in the past or perhaps you’ve been to a less than professional salon and have come out with big jet-black caterpillars. Either way you’ll no doubt have experienced some eyebrow struggles at one time or another. Thankfully, there is a perfect solution for all grey eyebrow issues – feather touch brows! Perth-based micropigmentation specialist Debra Miller is the local expert.

Grey Eyebrow Tattoo Perth

Debra Miller specialises in many different eyebrow tattooing techniques including 3D eyebrows, microblading, ombre and powder eyebrows and eyebrow feathering. Debra is well-versed and fully trained in working with clients of all ages, skin tones and hair colours. She knows how to create the perfect brows to compliment your face and is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

You Can Wear Less Makeup

Eyebrows are under the spotlight more than ever nowadays. They’re the beauty trend that just isn’t going to go away and that’s great because the right eyebrows can make your face look so much younger and more lifted! The perfect brows highlight your best features even making you look put-together on days you don’t wear much or any makeup at all! Can you imagine how amazing that would be?

How To Find The Best Brow to Suit Your Face

When you’re working with grey brows, you first need to take a look at the natural contours of your face. Take note of your forehead, chin shape and jawline as well as the overall shape of your face. Neutral taupe shades work well for both warm and cool-toned people if you’re doing your brows yourself. If you’re opting for professional feather touch brows, then your specialist will speak with you to determine the perfect brow shape and tone for you.

The Bottom Line

 An eyebrow tattoo is perfect for you if you need to:

  • Rectify minor issues
  • Add thickness to your brows
  • Enhance and strengthen your brow colour
  • Add shape to your brows

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