Benefits of Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Benefits of Semi Permanent Eyeliner

We all love to look good. Applying and experimenting with eye makeup can be a lot of fun. However, when you need to put on makeup every single morning before you start your day, it’s more of a chore than a joy. Wearing eye makeup is wonderful for boosting your confidence and for helping you […]

Choosing Your Eyebrow Tattoo Shape

Choosing Your Eyebrow Tattoo Shape

Eyebrows frame your face. When you get your eyebrows right, then everything else comes together far more easily. Perhaps you’ve seen someone’s eyebrows and you love their shape. Bear in mind that brows aren’t one-size-fits-all. Just because someone looks great with their own specific eyebrows, doesn’t mean the same look will work for everyone. The […]

What Full Lip Pigmentation Shade will suit your Skin Tone?

What Full Lip Pigmentation Shade will suit your Skin Tone

When you’re considering having full lip pigmentation, settling on an actual colour for your lips is very exciting. You’ll no doubt have a few ideas in your mind. Talk to your friends and they’ll add even more possibilities into the mix. Ask your family and they’ll all have their own ideas. So, how can you […]

How Long does a Cosmetic Tattoo Last?

How Long does a Cosmetic Tattoo Last

When you’re thinking of having cosmetic tattooing done to enhance your looks, it’s natural to wonder just how long the results will last. As a cosmetic tattoo is a semi-permanent makeup procedure, it does fade over time. However, there’s no real straight answer to the question of how long your cosmetic tattoo will last. There […]

Can Poorly Tattooed Eyebrows be Fixed?

Can Poorly Tattooed Eyebrows be Fixed

Permanent makeup is the buzz phrase everywhere right now. Unfortunately, as with any popular service, there are many so-called practitioners jumping on the bandwagon to try to make a quick dollar from unknowing customers. If you’ve jumped into having your eyebrows tattooed and are feeling less than impressed with the results, it’s likely that your […]

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