How Long does a Cosmetic Tattoo Last

How Long does a Cosmetic Tattoo Last?

When you’re thinking of having cosmetic tattooing done to enhance your looks, it’s natural to wonder just how long the results will last. As a cosmetic tattoo is a semi-permanent makeup procedure, it does fade over time. However, there’s no real straight answer to the question of how long your cosmetic tattoo will last. There are many different factors to take into consideration. For example:

  • Brand of pigment – a brand with an impeccable track record for safety should always be used
  • Quality of pigment – it goes without saying that the quality of pigment is of the utmost importance
  • Technique employed – your micropigmentation specialist should be qualified and well versed in the latest techniques
  • Exposure to sun – prolonged or long-term sun exposure makes pigment fade much more rapidly
  • Type of skin – commonly dry skin hold pigment more than its oily counterpart although this is not always the case
  • Use of medication – some medications make pigment ore difficult or even impossible for the skin to hold
  • Following aftercare instructions – your specialist will explain exactly how to look after your skin after the procedure. If these instructions aren’t correctly followed, your tattoo may not be as long-lasting and in the worst-case scenario may even not heal into the skin
  • Natural body functions/metabolism – exercise, diet and your own rate of healing has an effect on your cosmetic tattoo
  • Beauty treatments – some beauty treatments such as microdermabrasion, glycolic acid, laser, peels and AHA tend to make your tattoo fade
  • Depth of colour – lighter colours tend to fade faster than darker tones. Good news if you love the dramatic black cat eye eyeliner look!

There are various factors that may affect the longevity and staying power of your cosmetic tattoo. For more helpful information, contact a trusted micropigmentation specialist with your questions. Debra Miller is a leader in her field in the WA area. She has a long list of very happy, confident clients who return to her time and time again. Why not contact her and book your consultation today?

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