Choosing Your Eyebrow Tattoo Shape

Choosing Your Eyebrow Tattoo Shape

Eyebrows frame your face. When you get your eyebrows right, then everything else comes together far more easily. Perhaps you’ve seen someone’s eyebrows and you love their shape. Bear in mind that brows aren’t one-size-fits-all. Just because someone looks great with their own specific eyebrows, doesn’t mean the same look will work for everyone.

The perfect brows are dependent on your face shape and dimensions. When you hit on the right shape, it can take years off your face. Your eye area opens up and your facial symmetry is improved. Just having the right brows makes you look healthy, fresh and well-rested.

How your Face Shape Influences your Choice of Brow Shape

The shape of your face dictates what brows look best on you.


Delicately shaped faces don’t suit overly bold brows. Heart-shaped jawlines are petite. These suit balanced, groomed and not too bushy eyebrows.


Classic, oval faces suit balanced, classic brows.


Long faces can be balanced out and made to look a little rounder by avoiding arched eyebrows. Ensure your brows are flat with no curve or perhaps a slight downward curve towards the ends.


Round faces benefit from having angular brows to create more shape and balance.

If you’re unsure as to what face shape you have and what type of brows will suit you best, why not contact an expert. Debra Miller is the leading micropigmentation specialist in the WA area. She can help and advise you on eyebrow shape, what technique is best to make the most of your brows and much more. So, rather than searching the internet using terms such as, ‘semi-permanent eyebrows Perth’, ‘best eyebrow feathering Perth’ or ‘feather touch eyebrows Perth’, contact Debra. With more than 25 years experience in her field, you’ll be looking great in no time!

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