11 Cosmetic Tattooing – Everything You Need To Know

Cosmetic Tattooing – Everything You Need To Know

Today’s society is all about getting things done quickly and efficiently. There are so many demands on our time that we barely have enough minutes in the day for ourselves. Perhaps because of this, cosmetic tattooing has become a very popular treatment for people on the go. Imagine waking up each day with some of your makeup already done. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Cosmetic tattooing is also known as permanent makeup. Years ago, cosmetic tattooing had a bit of a bad rap due to it looking fake and even blocky. However, those big black caterpillar brows are certainly a thing of the past. Nowadays, cosmetic tattooing looks natural and can restore youthful definition without anyone even knowing you’ve had anything done at all.

The most common areas to cosmetically tattoo are the eyes, eyebrows and lips. A micropigmentation specialist can create barely there eyeliner or something more dramatic. She can also give you the eyebrows you have always hoped for, filling in any gaps in a natural-looking way. Additionally, she can give your lips amazing definition and can even make your pout look fuller.

You might be wondering whether cosmetic tattooing is painful. The answer to this really depends on you as an individual. Some people experience a little irritation whereas others feel nothing much at all. Bearing this in mind, most cosmetic tattooing specialists use a topical anaesthetic before they get to work so any discomfort is minimised. Additionally, virtually all people who get a cosmetic tattoo say that a little discomfort is worth it for the end result.

Your cosmetic tattoo should  usually be refreshed every three years although people with oily skin may need to go back to their micropigmentation specialist a little earlier.

If you would like to find out more about cosmetic tattooing, Perth micropigmentation specialist Debra Miller has over 25 years’ experience in the business. When they’re looking for a cosmetic tattoo, Perth people know and trust Debra Miller to deliver results.

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