Why Feather Touch Brows Are So Popular Right Now

Why Choose Feather Touch Brows?

Why Choose Feather Touch Brows?

Well-groomed eyebrows are crucial for a polished look. When your brows are looking great, not only do they highlight your best facial features, but they frame your eyes too. When your brows look good, you can even look picture perfect when you’re not wearing any makeup!

There are so many eyebrow products and treatments currently on the market that you may be wondering what specific look to opt for. It’s crucial to think about aspects such as whether you want a natural or stronger look.

It’s true that the right shape of eyebrow can make you look younger and brighter in general. This is where Debra Miller comes in. She can assess the natural shape and contours of your face and help you to decide what would look best.

Feather Touch Brows

It used to be that you could pretty easily tell if someone had their eyebrows tattooed. Thankfully, old-fashioned, heavy and blocky styles are a thing of the past. Today’s brow of choice is a beautifully natural Feather Touch eyebrow.

What is Feather Touch?

You no doubt have so many questions about the process and we’re here to help! Brow feathering involves micro-pigmenting very fine strokes into the outer layers of your eyebrow skin. These look so natural that they actually mimic natural hair.

Is it Painful?

Feather Touch brows are not painful at all. All you will potentially feel is the pressure of the actual application. Due to the application of a topical antiseptic, the entire area will remain numb while your perfect brows are being created.

Do Feather Touch Brows Take Much Time to Create?

Your initial Feather Touch session usually takes an hour and a half to two hours including design and processing time. Don’t worry, your artist will begin by creating you an understated look that can be built on, in order to tell how well your skin reacts to the pigment. You can be assured that with Debra Miller, you are in the safest and most experienced of hands.

Your Feather Touch brows are semi-permanent and will gradually fade depending on various factors such as your personal skin chemistry, pigment colour and more. You will require a retouch a month to six weeks after your initial treatment and this should take around an hour or an hour and a half. You can expect to enjoy your new look for up to two years.

How About Recovery Time?

After you’ve had your Feather Touch brows, you just need to remember to keep your eyebrows clean and dry for a week. So that means no shower water streaming over your face, no sports that cause you to sweat excessively and certainly no saunas either!

It takes just 24 hours for the pigment to settle into your skin. Don’t worry if it looks a little dark at this stage, that’s perfectly normal and it’ll soon fade. The skin of the eyebrows will also then begin to flake so it might be an idea not to arrange your eyebrow treatment very close to any special events you have planned.

So, there you have it – the complete lowdown on Feather Touch brows. For more information and advice, please contact us. Let Debra Miller help you to achieve the perfect brows you know you deserve!

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