Hair Tattooing for Women

Hair Tattooing for Women

Look at any advert or magazine and you’ll see ‘perfect’ models smiling back at you. These photoshopped beauties are all wonderful glowing skin, perfect bright white teeth and, of course, long, lustrous and voluminous locks. It’s no wonder that so many ladies with thinning hair feel that their confidence has decreased significantly since they began losing their hair.

When you run an internet search for ‘hair loss remedies’ or any similar term, you’re sure to see lots of results directing you to expensive potions, creams and hair transplants – none of which are guaranteed to work. So, you can potentially end up spending thousands of dollars on treatments that may or may not work leaving you out of pocket as well as stressed and still lacking in confidence.

Isn’t Scalp Micropigmentation Just For Men?

Whether you’re male or female, a hair tattoo will be an effective way of treating hair loss. Women tend to lose hair when they’re stressed, after having children, when they’re ill, after undergoing surgery and so on. So, hair tattooing for women is growing in popularity. Women have realised that they don’t just need to put up with hair loss. They’re taking their looks into their own hands and are actively doing something to improve the appearance of their scalps.

One difference between hair tattooing for men and for women is that while males have treatment to create the look of shaven hair follicles, the general primary goal of treatment for females is to blend the contrast between the hair and scalp.

Rather than shaving your head before hair tattooing, your pigment will be applied by parting the hair in sections. The goal is to create shading on your scalp that will create the look of thicker hair. Because of this, hair tattooing works best on darker-haired women.

Does a Hair Tattoo Look Real?

When you put your scalp micropigmentation into the hands of an experienced professional, you’ll see amazingly realistic results. Even when you look up close, it’ll be impossible to pinpoint where the pigmentation begins and where your real hair ends.

What You Can Do Yourself

Although the following methods might not stop you losing your hair, they can help strengthen the hair you have as well as potentially promoting hair growth. Always remember to intake protein-rich foods. You can also take supplements like iron and zinc to help.

Hair Tattooing For Perth Women

Of the many different methods used to treat baldness and hair loss, hair tattooing is incredibly effective. The treatment is especially good for hair recession and for thinning hair. So, if you’re in the WA area and are looking for more helpful information about a hair tattoo, Perth-based Debra Miller knows all there is to about the entire process. For over 25 years Debra has been helping both women and men feel and look amazing using paramedical treatments and cosmetic tattooing. Debra will work with you to find out your requirements, giving recommendations and expert advice. Contact Debra today to request a free consultation.

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