Common Eyebrow Tattoo Problems And How To Avoid Them

What is Full Lip Micropigmentation?

Whether you feel less than confident about your lip colour or shape or you just feel like having a change to brighten up your look, full lip pigmentation could be the treatment for you. Many people opt for this rather than having to go to all the stress and bother of applying lipstick several times a day. Full lip pigment doesn’t sweat off in the gym or when you’re at the pool either. There’s currently such an intense buzz about full lip micropigmentation, but what exactly is it?

About Full Lip Micropigmentation

Full lip micropigmentation is essentially a term that means a tattoo that fills in your entire lip space. The procedure defines your lips, giving a fuller, more uniform appearance. Part of the process involves outlining the border around your lips. They’re then filled in with the colour of your choice. It’s important to remember that you can choose a shade that’s close to the colour of your natural lips. However, this will not last as long as brighter, bolder colours. Therefore, your touch-ups will be more frequent than they would be if you had a brighter shade.

Is Traditional Tattoo Ink Used?

Absolutely not. It’s true that many years ago this was the case and this is one of the reasons why permanent makeup used to look so unnatural. Nowadays, modern pigment is far thicker than traditional tattoo ink. It, therefore, provides a more powdery, natural finish.

You can still Wear Lipstick

Don’t worry that you will be left with only one possible lip colour for months or years on end. You can still wear any lipstick, gloss or balm of your choosing once your lips are fully healed. Your lip tattoo is a lovely base upon which you can create any lip look you desire!

Full lip tattooing works wonders for your confidence while significantly enhancing your overall look. For more information, contact Debra Miller, the leading micropigmentation specialist in the Perth, WA area.

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