Contouring Tips to Make the Most of Your Looks

Contouring Tips to Make the Most of Your Looks

Contouring is the beauty buzzword that just won’t go away. When you’re looking to make the most of your looks, this makeup technique is highly effective. The right contouring makes the most of your bone structure and adds definition to your face. Here, we take a look at some contouring secrets that will ensure you look picture perfect every time you set foot outside your home.

First Things First

Before you even think about contouring, it’s crucial to begin your makeup with a flawless canvas. So, apply foundation and concealer first. If you have any blemishes or skin discolourations, remember to apply colour correcting products too. Once your skin is looking perfect, then you can move on to the contouring.

Finding the Perfect Shade

As with general makeup colours, picking the right shade to contour with takes some thought. Have you ever seen those orange-looking women with muddy streaks along their cheekbones? You don’t want to replicate that look! For the most natural results, pick a matte shade that is one or no more than two shades darker than your skin. You also need to ascertain whether your skin undertone is neutral, cool or warm and keep this in mind when you’re picking your contouring shade. (If in doubt, neutral works best.)

What Formulation is Best?

Contouring makeup is available in cream or powder formulas. Oily skins work better with powder-based products that don’t streak or smudge with prolonged wear whereas dry skin is better suited to a cream-based product.

How to Contour

When you’re applying contouring products, you should follow your natural bone structure. Working with what you have rather than against it will give you the best possible results. When it comes to your cheeks you should swipe the contouring product in a downward slanted motion along your cheekbones and also across your natural jawline. Remember to lightly apply it to your temples too.

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If you would like the look of a more defined and symmetrical nose, you can achieve this with contouring too! Apply the makeup down each side of your nose, putting a little on the tip. Next, apply a little highlighter along the bridge. By doing this, you can achieve the look of a smaller nose without any need for surgery!

Looking Your Best

There are no shortcuts to looking your best. However, there are some options such as feather tattooed eyebrows that can shave minutes from your beauty routine. For a polished look that lasts and complements your contouring, face-framing brows cannot be beaten. Imagine waking up every day knowing that your brows already look their best without any extra work whatsoever!

Finishing Touches

We all like our makeup done in a certain way so when you have this all taken care of, you’ll want your hard work to last. Investing in a good quality makeup setting spray is the perfect way to seal your look.

Learning how to effectively contour takes time and practice. Following the quick tips above will ensure your contouring journey is effective and that you always look great!

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