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Should You Get a Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Tattoo? Ask Yourself These Three Questions

Permanent cosmetic makeup is currently experiencing a boom in popularity. It’s incredibly convenient to have and shaves a great deal of time off getting ready in the morning. Busy people from all walks of life are opting to have permanent cosmetic makeup because of this. If you’re considering permanent makeup you’ll want to ask yourself these three questions.

Do I spend a lot of time in the sun?

If you love the sun and enjoy sunbathing on a regular basis, you might not be the perfect candidate for permanent makeup. This is also true if you enjoy using tanning booths on a regular basis. You see, UVA rays change and alter the tones of tattoo pigments and could even potentially turn your perfect brown eyebrows a less desirable shade!

Am I skilled at makeup application?

If you have a difficult time applying makeup and find it difficult to have a steady enough hand to get the job done, you may get a great deal of benefit from having permanent makeup. You may also find that this is a useful procedure for you if you have a health condition that limits your ability to apply your makeup.
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Am I a busy person?

There is absolutely no age limit having permanent makeup. Even if you’re in your eighties you can potentially be a good candidate for the procedure if your skin is in tip-top condition. If you are a particularly active person, for example, if you play a lot of sports, permanent makeup won’t run if you sweat during your exercise periods. Additionally, if you are a career woman, you will likely be pushed for time during the day. By opting to have permanent makeup you could potentially save as many as fifteen minutes every day on your makeup application. So too, if you work under the glare of spotlights or are in the public arena, you won’t need to worry about your makeup being perfect.

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