Whats Semi Permanent Makeup or Cosmetic Tattooing

What is Semi-Permanent Makeup (or Cosmetic Tattooing)?

You may have heard the buzz about semi-permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing). But, what’s it all about? Well, this is the name for a cosmetic procedure that creates long-lasting eyebrow definition, eyeliner, lipliner or a completely new all-over lip colour. The technique is known as micropigmentation. Clients are raving about this non-invasive procedure.

Cosmetic tattooing is also often used for medical reasons. For example, in the case of vitiligo, you can have any non-pigmented patches tattooed to match up with the rest of your skin. Additionally, the technique shows amazing results for people who need their areola area reconstructed. It can even be used to give the illusion of hair in people with hair loss.

What’s Involved?

If you’re interested in having some cosmetic tattooing, you’ll naturally wish to know what’s involved.


Having any semi-permanent makeup is something you shouldn’t jump into lightly. For this reason, you should always have a thorough consultation before you commit to it. During the chat, you have the opportunity to discuss the kind of look you’re hoping for, whether that’s possible and what type of shape and colour you’re hoping to have.

The consultation is the perfect time for you to ask any questions. Don’t be worried about asking anything that might sound silly to you. A good micropigmentation specialist will take as much time as you need to walk you through the process. If you wish to go ahead, you’ll then have a patch test.

The Day of your Treatment

Your specialist applies a local anaesthetic cream to your skin and you have the procedure using sterile equipment. You can go back to work and resume your usual daily schedule immediately afterward.


The practitioner applies a barrier cream that you’ll be advised to use for up to 14 days afterward. To begin with, the colour may seem intense, but this will die down in time. Even though the surrounding area may seem a little swollen and red, this will quickly get back to normal.

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You’ll be asked to avoid getting too much water onto your tattooed area, to stay away from chlorinated water and to avoid exposing the area to sunlight until your tattoo has fully healed. Then, you can go back to your usual daily routine.

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