Cosmetic Tattooing Amidst Covid-19

cosmetic tattooing perth

I love welcoming each of my gorgeous clients through my door every day. However, due to the anxiety and fear circulating through the community at present in relation to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), I feel the need to dissipate a few concerns which you may have when considering making an appointment with me for your cosmetic […]

What to Expect From Eyebrow Microblading in Perth

microblading eyebrows perth

If you are looking for a custom semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo in the Perth area, Debra Miller is a leader in her field. With over 25 years’ experience, Debra loves to enhance and transform her clients’ looks. Often, clients come to Debra asking about what they can expect from their microblading experience. With this in mind, […]

Is Eyebrow Tattooing a Hassle-Free Way off Perfecting Your Brows?

A Guide to Cosmetic Tattooing and Permanent Makeup 1

The eyes are the windows of the soul and what better way to frame them than with picture perfect eyebrows? Eyebrow tattooing is fast becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the Perth area. When done correctly by a fully trained specialist, the procedure gives the illusion of wonderfully-shaped eyebrows. And, let’s face […]

Eyebrow Feathering – Everything You Need to Know

11 Cosmetic Tattooing – Everything You Need To Know

Beauty trends come and go but feather tattooed eyebrows are one procedure that’s here to stay. Eyebrow feathering is so popular because it looks natural while also being picture perfect. Your eyebrows are an extremely important part of your face. When they’re beautifully shaped your face just looks so much better and well-rested. Beautifully groomed […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Makeup To Your Brows

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Makeup To Your Brows

Achieving the perfect eyebrows is all about the details. For natural-looking, refined results that bring out your beauty it’s crucial to learn how to make the most of what you have. Bold and beautiful brows are works of art in themselves. They define your look. They frame your face. Your eyebrows are crucial to your […]

Will My Eyebrows Look Natural After Microblading?

Will My Eyebrows Look Natural After Microblading

Your eyebrows frame your features and give you a polished look when they’re done well. We have all heard worrying stories from friends or perhaps we have some of our own about eyebrow fails. However, nowadays there is absolutely no need at all to suffer from those dreadful huge black thick brows. Modern techniques such […]

All You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your New Tattoo

All You Need to Know About Taking Care of Your New Tattoo

You’ve been planning your new tattoo for months. Whether you’re having a cosmetic tattooing procedure or some brand-new body art, it’s crucial to follow the aftercare instructions you’re given. You want to ensure your tattoo heals properly and maintains its look and colour. Take a look at these general tips to make sure your tattoo […]

Full Lips – How To Achieve The Look

Full Lips How To Achieve The Look

Full, plump lips is the beauty trend that just never goes away. Take a look at any magazine and it will be filled with images of beautiful models, both male and female, who have the loveliest, most kissable lips you’ve ever seen. For the ordinary Perth person, it’s unlikely that we have a full team […]

How To Create The Perfect Lip Look Every Time

How To Create The Perfect Lip Look Every Time

We all love looking as good as possible. Accentuating our best features is something that makeup allows us to do. It’s such fun playing around with different new looks as well as keeping on top of all the latest techniques and trends. When you’re creating the perfect look, it’s usual to place your primary focus […]

Hair Tattooing for Women

Hair Tattooing for Women

Look at any advert or magazine and you’ll see ‘perfect’ models smiling back at you. These photoshopped beauties are all wonderful glowing skin, perfect bright white teeth and, of course, long, lustrous and voluminous locks. It’s no wonder that so many ladies with thinning hair feel that their confidence has decreased significantly since they began […]

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