How to Contour Based on Your Face Shape

How to Contour Based on Your Face Shape

Contouring is just about everywhere you look nowadays. You only need to take a quick glance through your social media feeds and you’ll discover that everyone – women and men alike – are contouring like crazy. The thing with this beauty trend though is that it takes skill to create the perfect look. It’s not just a matter of brushing a few strokes of colour onto your face. Good contouring should slim down the appearance of or enhance certain aspects of your face. It should work with your looks rather than obviously fighting against them. You need to think of your full look – in addition to great natural-looking contouring, other options such as cosmetic tattooing add balance and symmetry your face. If you are looking for a cosmetic tattoo, Perth-based Debra Miller is WA’s leading specialist.

Face Shape – The Golden Rule of Contouring

There is no single foolproof way to contour your face. In fact, so much depends on your face shape. So, before you even pick up that cream or powder, stop for a second and look in the mirror. Many people feel that it’s easy to determine their face shape, however, just to be on the safe side, be sure to check out our guide below:


A heart-shaped face has a forehead that is wider than any other part of the face. Generally speaking, hearts have a more pointed chin and sometimes a widow’s peak. If you have this type of face, you should focus on contouring the bottom part of your face to blend in the shape of your chin.


As you might imagine, a square face has a jaw, forehead and cheekbones that are virtually all the same width. You can soften a square face by contouring around its perimeter.


Round faces have rounded gentle corners with equal measurements. If your face is this shape, it’s a good idea to create a more angular shape by contouring your cheekbones to give them definition. Additionally, the sides of the forehead, temples and jawline should also be contoured.

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Diamond faces have high cheekbones, a pointed chin and a narrower hairline than heart-shaped faces. If you’re a diamond, then you can ensure you shine by contouring the centre and sides of the forehead to give it the illusion of length.

Great Brows Balance Your Face

In addition to contouring, great brows bring a sense of balance and continuity to your face. Let’s face it, contouring your face can take a lot of time and effort. So, when it comes to your brows, do you really want to be spending even more time on them? Smart women in the know invest in an eyebrow tattoo. Perth-based micropigmentation specialist Debra Miller specialises in creating the most beautiful, natural, defined brows that truly balance the face. Good eyebrows give you that polished look whether or not you enjoy contouring your face. Why not speak to Debra and her team today for a quote?

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